Friday, April 17, 2009

life is good right now..

Sunday, March 15, 2009


soo i did it again, is it really a bad habbit? i guess so cause it hurst but then it doesn't hurt any more and stuff. it's weird, so frankie left for mexico? that's a yay? it's like i'm the only one that didn't go anywhere and stuff so i guess that's a huge burn.. my dad's here, i guess that's great news too, my sister can make my parents feel like shit the whole day that's ineresting right?
i'm in a pissed mood, don't talk to me.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


i haven't been on in a while..
so i guess i should update you?
ok, my pleasure! :P
soo i haven't been cutting mysdelf much any more
and me and frankie are talking more soo that's good
and andrea doesn't talk anymore? oh well :P
haha and ilse's the same OMG! ilse and i were in science class
and she was on the hover board and it was hilarious!
she was like screaming down the hallway!
and then i started laughing my ass off!
it was hilarious! ugh my dog is soo annoying i just want to beat his ass
and speaking of beating! i want to beat the fuck out
of and i don't care what the fuck she does to me cause she fucking stole and that's not
fucking right and she said she rich/ middle class
and if she's soo middle class and why the fuck did she steal my clothes?!!?
god she needs to get a life! i fucking swear she doesn't even know how to steal

Friday, March 6, 2009

today was fun did i didn't see him today and the other him either it pretty much sucked for the most part until we started playing games and acting stupid as always, we made posters for the band people and i helped with the bands chairs and stands plus i saw frankies slot for band it's pretty cool but it was emty so that sucked? i don't know haha anyways it's gonna suck tomorrow and i'm gonna poop my pants like crazy haha but i guess i'm ok with it? crap i gotta take a drink cause i'm behausted and i saw edwardo haha and he was smiling he usually looks like he's mad at the whole world and stuff it's sometimes hilarious but i still don't know why i'm blogging and i'm not gonna do "it" for a while i want them to heal for co trang cause i'm pretty confident that i will get to go to her house during spring break soo i'm kinda thrisy soooo bye!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

'just one more slice to lay me to sleep, i need it to cure me from falling away from everything, i don't mind being the only one, but it would be nice to have another other.'

so today i did it again, it fucking sucks that they have to judge what good are frineds now huh the only friends the understand it ilse, frankie, and andrea but all they know it parts of the whole story, andrea, is handling my anorexic side of the story. frankie is handling my emo side of the story. && ilse i handling my mental compassion side of the story. if you put all of the together make whole three- fourths of me you wanna know about the onw - furth side of the story? well sorry can't tell i don't know what's there any more.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

soo today i feel really bad i'm wearing reegans jacket and stuff if feels soo weird and i smells weird too but it's ok and suff soo i still feeel weird about dressing out and stuf tomorrow i guess i could act like i was sick :/ but thaqt's lying why am i lying soo much!?!? this is soo fucking crazy i hate lying i'm doing a sin and stuff it's bad to lie but i guess i don't care any more i still hate my family for fighting and not increaseing the peace and my sister for having weird problems and i HATE cameron for terlling me i have mental issues fuck him i wish he would go to hell [not really..] but yeah and i CANNOT belive that marlene actually did it, it's soo weird wearing to school but at least the stuff is healing and stuff ok soo yeah my leg itches for some stupid reason, found out in math class it's weird and the answer shit if cool i only got one postive answer all the other ones are fuck like 'you need to see a therapist' it's soo fucking retarded and i still love franky for getting me and stuff he's soo awesome but idk if he knows how to say my name ://
crap! i'm bored lol i don't what else to talk about ummm.. let me think OMG!! kristin is preggers maybe lol god it's soo fucking stupid thought but i sound like a nun lol omg wtf!?!?! i'm soo fucking weird.. oh whelps
-the weird kid :B

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

today sucked

ok i told every body i knew and that sucked i'm thinking of fasting for a week but i don't think i can bring myself to do it and i'm trying to do better but's pretty weird to do one thing and do the opposite the next and then to today i read this book it was soo sad i actually cried in the testing room lol oh yeah.. i had the task today, it was okay :/ i think i made a 2 or something but idk still ahh my arm burn for the other day, it pretty
much sucks like a tampon and today i borrowed a book from aaron
god he's soo cute :] he's soo awesome a nice and sweet but today i just think i'm gonna
think about him the whole night i guess [ i have that warmy feeling in side me right now]
ahh,.. oh yeah marlene took my razor away from me :/
i don't know how i'm gonna hide it rom the whole world
but i pretty much hate telling people but i don't want them
to find out the hard way, and WTF! my mom just left for some fucking reason
god i sometime i wish my dad had coustody over me i really just hate that i think that but my mom's been complicated for a while umm.. what else?
oh yeah i told ilse and she almost cried but for another reason
but yeah i hate what i did and i regret it,.. who am i kidding i love it i wanna do it again
but marlene has the life destructer ahh i'm getting fatter and fatter but the second
i just wrote a thingy down and i really just hate it lol but yeah i am fat :P
fuck i hate my aunt and my whole family i think i love frankie for
understanding me and stuff but sometimes i think i'm like betraying myself and my other friends for him, i wanna tell him but i think he's gonna go beserk ahh my life is fucked up